In Taste We Trust


The quality is in the taste.
Driven by the finest ingredients and our unique sourdough culture, Tiger strives to achieve a premium product that consistently delivers a better taste in every bite.


This is the core of our brand.
A skilled process that reinvents a respected culinary tradition and ignites a passion for flavour. We must endeavour to successfully communicate and demonstrate this value at all times.


We speak from knowledge and experience.
Tiger is dedicated to creating a memorable tasteful experience. Whether ordering from home or in-store, customers must feel welcome and appreciated.

Here at Tiger we are dedicated to taste

Our founder Tadhg has spent years travelling back and forth to Italy learning traditional levain sourdough bread making, Romano & Neapolitan cooking techniques, sourcing the best quality ingredients and honing his taste buds to bring you the pizzas that dreams are made of.

Why, you ask, is Tiger Wood Fire Pizza better than the rest? Well the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating…. but before you take a bite and get hooked I can tell you a few of our secrets.

We use an ancient traditional technique to create sour dough bread to form our bases. Our sourdough is made using a levain dough process and takes 7 days to grow. After 7 days we have live levain culture, a living breathing organism that produces natural yeast (no artificial or manufactured yeast here!). We then process this culture into a liquid starter which sits for a further 24 hours to prove before its ready to be separate into individual balls. Each ball is hand rolled with by our skilled Pizzaiolo and left to prove in our purpose built proving cupboard for another 48 hours for peak flavour.

Next we blend our own tomato sauce. We use the highest quality Italian tomato’s grown on the foothills of Mt Vesuvius. Volcanic soil is rich and fertile and produces some of the finest tomatoes in the world. The sauce is applied raw and cooks on its base in our oven which releases all the tomatoes flavour, scent and texture.

On top of this we use best Italian and Irish ingredients for our toppings, hand selected Italian meats sourced from Naples, 60% milk mozzarella and locally grown fresh and organic produce all add to creating the taste sensation that is a Tiger Wood Fire Pizza. To finish we have to mention our Wood Fire Oven, burning 2-year kiln dried Ash and Oak our oven reaches temperatures of over 450 degrees!! Now that’s hot, you’ll feel the heat if you come in and visit us. Each pizza cooks in minutes giving that fresh Wood Fired taste that only an authentic wood burning oven can achieve!

So there you have it, traditionally made levain sourdough, our secret tomato sauce topped with the best ingredients we can find all skilfully finished in our Neapolitan Wood Fire Oven.